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10 Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Posted on October 21 2018

 I don't know about you, but I'm pretty unorganized, like really unorganized. One thing I do plan for though, is halloween. I know what I'll be wearing, what parties I'll be at, and how many candy bars I can fit in my mouth at once. For those of you that aren't as into Halloween as I am, or maybe just caught off guard that the year is moving so fast and "Halloween is next week??", I have the perfect list for you. 
Behold my top 10 last minute halloween costumes! 

1. 3 Hole Punch Jim  


We all laughed at Jim’s antics on The Office, but one of my favorite reoccurring gags was how he refused to dress up on Halloween. If you don’t like dressing up, but you know you’ll get a lot of flack for coming un-‘stumed, just cut out 3 circles, and tape them to your shirt. Bam! 3 hole punch whatever your name is!


2. A Loofa (you know those puffy shower things)


This one is easy and last minute, but it might not be the cheapest option. Just buy a bunch of loofas, pull the mesh fabric out a little to make it big and fluffy, and then pin them all over a t-shirt or tank top. A shower cap and slippers would really make the look! 


3. Zombie Prom

(shout out to my college roommate that rocked this look in 2012. Also pictured: me as a low budget Pikachu ) 

Still have a really nice suit or dress that you rarely ever wear? Put it on, paint your face like a zombie, and zoinks, Zombie prom! Make it an educational costume by telling people not to drink and drive, or else they’ll end up like you!


4. Corpse Bride and Groom 


Did you know that goodwill sells old wedding dresses and tuxes for like $10? Well, they do! Just grab one of those, paint your face to look dead, and wham bam thank you ma’am, perfect couple costume!


5. Little Red Riding Hoodie

Related image


A modern take on a classic costume. Instead of wearing a cute little dress and a cape, don a large red hoodie with jeans. How easy is that? Maybe to add a little extra get a zip up hoodie and wear a wolf t-shirt under it. You know what they say about men that wear wolf t-shirts... 



6. Tobias Funke

Image result for tobias funke costume easy

  This might require you to make a trip to Spirit Halloween to get a bald cap and mustache.  Once you have those though, all you need is a good pair of jorts (jean shorts) and to smear some blue paint on your chest and face.  You’ll be off to a nu start in no time!


7. Leaf Blower

Grab a hat, grab a string, and grab a leaf. Tape the leaf to the string and then the string to the hat. Put on the hat. Blow the leaf. You’re a leaf blower.


8. A Mouse, Duh 

Literally just get, or make, some mouse ears, and keep making this joke. Everyone loves Mean Girls. It’ll be so fetch.



9. Black Tie Cat

 Get some black cat ears, put on your fanciest black clothes. You’ll look nice and be in costume. It’s perfect for a halloween cocktail party!

 I couldn't actually find any pictures of this costume, (with the exception of a picture of me, but there are already too many pictures of my face on this post) You should be the first to wear it! Might I suggest the Ellis Peak in black for this look ;) 

10. Literal Trash


Just tape some trash to yourself and call it good.

 Alright so there are my Top 10 Last Minute Halloween costumes! If you choose to wear any of these snap a pic and send it our way! 


Happy Haunting from the concrete jungle 👻


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