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The Art of Bearding

Posted on July 27 2015

With great beards comes great responsibility. From Zach Galifiankis to George Clooney to Jesus - beards are on point. The fresh faced, clean-cut look had its time, its moment of glory, and that time has passed. A new dawn is here. Real men - bearded men - step into the limelight, casting shadows on the smooth-skinned children of the past. “Bring on the beards,” women all across America shout in unison.

So ask yourself this. Are you ready for a face upgrade? It does not come without obligation. It is worth noting that beards are not for everyone. They are not for men with the “I don’t care what I look like” esthetic, nor the “every day should be Casual Friday” guy. Your beard is your greatest accessory. Pair it with one of our stylish leather jackets for optimal attractiveness.

Don’t have a beard yet? That’s okay. Start now. But growing one isn’t as easy as setting down the razor. It takes patience, yes. But it also takes endurance. The first month of growth can be itchy. Combat this with a natural bar of soap with no chemicals. Keep your face moisturized and clean. Keep in mind, your facial hair is awesomeness escaping through tiny holes in your face. It is important to treat it so. Focus on the end game to get through the awkward phases. Once your beard starts to grow in it may develop a wild side. The most common mistake at this point is getting too excited with your razor, trimming off too much. Or worse, giving up entirely and shaving off all your facial hair in defeat. Don’t do this. If you can, wait an entire month before you begin trimming at all. Think of it like carving a masterpiece out of wood. You don’t add wood to a work in progress. You carve away. The Manbeard is like that. Having more to work with is better.

Remember beard oil is your friend. It hydrates the skin and softens the hair. Once you’ve grown in, maintenance becomes key. Thoroughly rinse through and apply beard oil on the daily and wash your beard one to three times a week. Don’t get crazy - just a few drops gets the job done. Beard oil also eliminates dandruff and keeps your face fresh. A successful beard can be a wild beast, however much like that time you tamed a dire wolf in the forests of Man Land, it is important to uphold your Alpha status. You are the Alpha of your beard. And like many pack relationships, mutual respect pays off.

Thanks for reading our first edition of Manbeard Monday. This will be featured once a month, so check back for more manly maintenance memos!



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