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4 Playground Games You Should Revisit as an Adult

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4 Playground Games You Should Revisit as an Adult

As we transition into fall, I can't help but remember the excitement of going back to school, especially because it meant getting back to my favorite subject: Recess. Just because we're adults, we can still play games, right? So I gathered up a gaggle of friends and we tested out some classic kids games to see how we liked them years later. Here's our top 4: 

1. Four Square 

All you need for this one is a piece of chalk and a ball. Who doesn't love a game that puts all their friends against each other? The game is all about the squares, which are much smaller when you aren't child-sized anymore adding a little bit of a challenge. The game begins with the player in square 4 bouncing the ball into another square. The next person then has to hit the ball into another square before it bounces twice. Make sure not to hold the ball or let it bounce out of bounds, otherwise you're outta there!

Not great at traditional sports? Not a problem! You're not supposed to catch the ball anyway! See the official rules here. Check out their Monstrous List of Cool Rules to add more fun and challenge to the game!

2. Crab Soccer

Get ready for the ab and cardio workout of your life. This game usually requires anywhere between 6-12 people, but it can be played with as few as two people. Start with two teams like you would with classic soccer, but with everyone in the crab walking position. As kids, we used to play with a large beach ball, but if you're seeking to make it really active, try using a regular soccer ball.

3. Statues in the Park

If you need to rest a little after all the hard work from crab soccer, try playing statues in the park. I'll admit, this isn't one that I used to play in school, but it was showed to me by someone in elementary school, so it counts. Kind of like the classic tag, in this game one person is selected to be "it" and the rest are all statues. The "it" closes their eyes and counts to 5 while everyone else gets into position. When they open their eyes the statues can only move when the "it" isn't looking, but if they see you out if the corner of their eye, you're out! Make it a little more age appropriate to it by setting a "base" the statues need to move to in order to win. 

4. The Floor is Lava

This game has aged like fine wine. We played in a house and incorporated one of our favorite drinking games (Ice-ing) with it. We hid bottles of Smirnoff Ice in different spots around the house. Whoever found one had to drink the entire thing before the game could resume. Add some realism to it with this Lava floor decor from Amazon.


Next time you're hanging out with friends or family and you're sick of watching Netflix or playing Cards Against Humanity, consider playing one of these, or make up your own using your favorite playground game!


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