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5 Ways to Say Thanks This Season

Posted on November 05 2018

It’s that time of year again! You know, where the weather gets colder, dinners get heartier, and you probably have to break out your snow boots way earlier than you wanted to. With Halloween over it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Christmas. I mean, the PSL is gone so fall is officially over right? I’ll admit, I’ve already listened to Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album all the way through...twice, and it’s only the fourth of November! I can’t help it! Christmas is just so exciting!

I think though, something we should all try to do this year, is hush that little Christmas jingle in our minds, and really focus on the holiday at hand. Thanksgiving. I’m not talking about the insane amount of food, or listening to your family yell at the football game (or, in my families case, the Westminster Dog Show) while grandpa snoozes with his pants undone.

No, while a day of gluttony and awkward family dynamics is always nice, I think we should focus on the actual giving thanks that the season implies. With the world as crazy at it is I think this year is the perfect year to think of what exactly we are thankful for, to point out the good in our lives. The most powerful part of thankfulness, is identifying the positive people around you, and then letting them know.

So, before I lose myself in the sappiness let me get to my point.

This week I’ve compiled a short list of a few ways to say thanks to those wonderful forces of light in your life!

office Dog is my favorite co-worker
  1. Compassionate Coffee or Baked Goods

        Grab a cup of joe on your way into work for your office mate. They’ll love the thought and the morning caffeine boost! Who doesn’t love something fresh from your oven (or the bakery down the street). Things like cookies or muffins are the perfect gift to give to the bus driver, or your kids crossing guard, or that sweet coworker you don’t know well, but always says the nicest things in passing. Both of these little gifts are pretty inexpensive, universally well liked, and have an air of closeness without having to know the person really well.

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Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash
  1. A Nice Walk n Talk

This is a perfect way to spend some quality time with someone. Especially someone you’re close with but don’t get to spend a lot of quality time with. Like, for example, your mom! (spend time with your mom!!) A walk through a park, or down the street is completely free, but a great way to connect with someone. Even if you don’t verbally thank them for being in your life, the time together speaks volumes.

person holding Thanks card
  1. A Card

The old tried and true way to thank someone. Don’t just go with a generic thank you card though. Pick out a card you think they’d like or find funny, and then write a personalized message about why you are thankful for them. This is a perfect way to say thanks to your friends or family that love words.

  1. Help Them Out!

Giving back is a powerful way to give thanks! Rake your neighbors yard, do the dishes the next time you stop at your families for dinner, or help your grandma with grocery shopping! These things usually don’t take much time and can mean the world to someone. Again, no need for words except “Hey, can I do this for you?”

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  1. Physical Affection.

No I don’t mean “doing the do” I mean hugs, hand squeezes, back scratches, or a pat on the back. Perfect for the people in your lives that love affectionate touches. You know, the people that touch for back or squeeze your arm when you talk to them. Make sure you only do these things with people that actually enjoy being touched though!

So go out, remind yourself that there is good in your life. Look that good in the face and say "Hey thanks you're great" 

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