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4 Ways to Tie a Necktie Every Man Should Know

Posted on February 17 2016

4 ways to tie a tie

I've been seeing a lot of articles lately they are like "30 ways to tie a tie that every man must know!".

That's insane.  Who the fuck needs to know how to tie a tie 30 different ways?

Unless you're a sailor or a boy scout, there's only 4 knots you need to know for your entire life, I promise.

Here are the only 4 knots you'll ever need, in both diagram and video form:


The Four-In-Hand Knot:





The Half-Windsor Knot:


Half Windsor Knot



The Full-Windsor Knot:


Full-Windsor Knot



The Bow Tie:


Bow Tie Knot


That's it!  Every knot you need to know.  Now get out there and look great!

Images and videos shamelessly nabbed from and Howcast


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