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Bucket List for Summer's End

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Bucket List for Summer's End

Who else can relate to the unfortunate moment when you realize that you have procrastinated your summer plans away? You never got a chance to do that one thing, your favorite thing. Regret kicks in. You can't help but feel even more upset about the impending winter months. Why did you choose to stay in and watch Netflix? 


It's late August, but hot summer air is still around. You decide to make a bucket list of your favorite summer things while you still have time (and yes, you do still have time). Here are some of the ones you might want to make time for: 

Hike a new trail

Even the most mundane of places can still have hidden gems of hiking or walking trails, it may just take a little work or a short drive to find them. Drop all expectations, and decide to find a new place to explore before the frost hits. If you don't know where to start, try downloading the AllTrails app for trail ideas other people have recorded. Better yet, reach out to a friend or an outdoorsy person and ask what trails they have explored lately. 


Make a meal from farm(er’s market) to table

Is food from the farmers market really a million times more delicious, or is it just in our heads? What we do know is that it feels incredibly romantic and European to stroll through the booths of fresh veggies, pastries and flowers at the market with a basket under arm and cash to spend. Grab what is in season and take it home for the freshest meal you've had in a while. Our favorite meal is an easy pizza. You'll want to buy a pizza crust from the baker, as well as an onion, garlic, tomatoes, oregano, basil for the sauce, and whatever toppings you like on your pizza. Don't forget to take advantage of your access to the farmer and ask about the best ways to prepare your new items! 


Float down a river

Your river float packing list should include the following: loads of friends, inflated tubes for each, a cord to connect your tubes, an extra tube for your cooler of beer, waterproof Chacos, a waterproof cell phone pouch (so you can sneak a few photos, of course!), your ID, and hours of free time.  



See or set off fireworks

Skip this one if you live somewhere dry, in a drought, or unsafe. Oh, and be cool - think about people with PTSD, kiddos, or scared dogs and don't do this in public spaces. If all of those things check out, grab your supplies and light up the sky!



See a drive-in movie

If you are a fan of time with your friends or partners, snacks, the outdoors, and film, then combine all of your favorite things into one summer activity - a drive-in movie. These films are usually shown in a set of two, one fit for kids, followed by a more adult film.


Watch the sunrise

Unless you work a mean early shift, watching the sunrise is something that is rarely done. Whether it be from a camping trip, an early morning hike, a climb to the top of a building, or during a road trip from your car, watch the magic that rises from the east. 

All photos by Sarah Grunder Photography 



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