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Celebrity Haircuts You'll Need to Copy

Posted on August 07 2018

Timothée Chalamet

Works best for those of you with a little wave to your hair

How is it possible that Timothée appeared out of thin air and can already do no wrong? This long cut is effortless, somehow falling in any direction and still looking great. If you dress well, you can go multiple days without washing that mop with soap, and you will still have a sexy look. You DO have to dress well though—week old hair paired with sloppy clothes quickly takes you into hobo territory. Photographed by Billy Kidd.


Nick Jonas

Works with straight, wavy or thick hair

Nick Jonas showed up to the “Heavenly Bodies” themed 2018 Met Gala with Roman inspired, clean and perfectly blended cut. This is an edgy look, and you’ll want to ask for an extreme fade when you show up at the barber for a copycat cut. Photographed by Frazer Harrison.


Robert Pattinson

Works best with thick hair

To continue our apparent streak of swooning over white, millennial celebrities, let’s talk about Robert Pattinson. He may look like he’s perpetually ready to pass out from boredom, but we can’t stop looking at that good hair progression over the years. Our favorite is probably his 2016 perfectly messy look. It appears that he also dyed it black for this occasion, which makes his light eyes pop even more. Photographed by Steve Granitz.


A$AP Rocky

Looks best with mid-length hair

We love these sectioned, layered braids! We are especially fans of this style when he pulls them back into a pony, with the majority of the braids out of his face. They show he has unique style, without taking too much attention from that AMAZING jacket. Photographed by Dexter Navy.


Oscar Isaac

Works for curly hair

Just because you’re a silver fox, doesn’t mean you have to retire into a been-done, tidy, clean cut—just look at Oscar as an example. Here he is going confidently into his gray days with a slightly disheveled cut, leaving the heavy hair gel at home and looking better than he ever has. Photographed by David Slijper.


Donald Glover

Works for coarse hair 

While his look hasn’t changed much, we love Donald's most recent beard and hair length. Photographed by David Livingston/Getty Images.


John Cho

Works for straight hair

John Cho is looking good in this hipster fade! The height on top with a clean shave makes his face appear thinner. To copy this look, use a dime sized amount of strong hold hair balm on the top, then comb back to hold this look in place. Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg/ The New York Times/ Redux.


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