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Curate a Bar Cart He (and She) Will Love

Posted on October 27 2017

So you're speeding through your 20’s and things are getting serious— your career, your relationship, but most importantly, your hosting game. No longer can you invite over a group of pals and offer them your signature college kid mixed drink, mystery alcohol and flat tonic. Its time to step up your game and put together a bar cart that says “I’ve got my shit together” to clients, dates, or potential father-in-laws.

Here are the essential ingredients:

1. The Perfect Cart

If you’re on a budget, finding something vintage can be incredibly cool, but only if it’s still in good shape — you don’t want rust to be one of your drink mixing ingredients. For a cart that looks vintage but doesn’t break the bank, check out this female approved, gold, wood and leather cart from Target:


Not really into the gold look? Here is an affordable metal option from Wayfair for the man cave:


2. The Book of Cocktails

If you missed out on the bartender phase, you’ll probably need this well designed Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails. Not only is it an outstanding reference, but a wonderful history, collection of essays— essentially an homage to spirits and the art and craft of mixology.

3. The Basic Tools

You definitely already have a few bottle openers around, so you will just need a few assertional tools to get started — a jigger, shaker, and a strainer. You will eventually want to look into the right glasses, tongs, ice bucket, but let’s start with this basic set. We are loving this matching set by Inspired Home Goods:

4. The Booze

Middle shelf brands are the way to go for your alcohol choices. You don’t have to have all possible options around, especially if you don’t plan to drink them. However, your guests will be happy if you have the essentials:

  • Vodka: Smirnoff, Tito's, Absolut $13-$23 per 750 mL
  • Gin: Seagram's, New Amsterdam, Beefeater, $12-$23 per 750 mL
  • Whiskey or Scotch: Evan Williams, Dewars, Jack Daniel's $12-$22 per 750 mL
  • Tequila: Sauza, Jose Cuervo $17-$20 per 750 mL
  • Rum: Captain Morgan, Bacardi $15-$20 per 750 mL

  • 5. The Extras

    For the people who don’t just want ice as the final ingredient, here are a few mixers you’ll want to have around:

  • Soda water
  • Fruit juices (cranberry, orange, grapefruit, etc.) with no added sugar
  • Tonic water
  • Bottled lemon and lime juice

    6. Lastly, The Charm

    Anything you put together is guaranteed to look better with a little bit of plant life, real or fake. Adding a plant is also a fool-proof way to impress a woman. If you have a low light home and need a low maintenance ace plant, we would recommend getting a small ZZ Plant or Fern as the finishing touch.


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