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Home Office Decor Tips

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Home Office Decor Tips

Create Success with a Stylish Home Office

Author: Kate Clements / Category: Life & Style / Published: Mar-18-2019

There are numerous reasons for having a home office. You may work from home, need to bring your work home with you, or maybe, as it is in my home, you're in grad school and need somewhere to work when you aren't in class. Either way, it's nice to have a specific space that you can feel productive and comfortable.

In fact, it's proven that the more comfortable you feel in your workspace the more successful you'll be in getting your work done. Now, You don't want to get too comfortable, because after all this is an office, not your bedroom. Adding a comfortable lounge chair here, a memory foam seat topper there, a book shelf of your favorite reads, or even a record player with your favorite albums can help you spruce up that extra room in your home to maximize your at-home productivity. Each person's comfortable workspace is going to look different based on how they work. Use some of these tips to discover what works best for you!

Set Up For Productivity

Create your quiet space.

Try to find a quiet space to set up your home office, away from other family members, kids, rowdy neighbors, and distractions. Paint your room a peaceful color, like green, which is supposed to help with productivity (Do not paint your room yellow. Yellow can be over stimulating to your brain). If possible, make sure you pick a spot with a window and add some plants in your office. Natural light is great for focus and helps keep anxiety at bay. Not good with plants? Try a cactus!

Keep little distractions handy.

Storing things like a stress ball, small puzzle, book, instrument, or even an app on your phone will give you something to do for a short brain break. Make sure to keep these distractions stored while you are working.

De-clutter often.

In between different work assignments, look around your desk and put away things that aren't necessary for the work at hand. A cluttered desk can make you feel overwhelmed, and most importantly, you are likely to work more efficiently without the excess clutter.

Take eye breaks.

Reduce eye strain by following the 20-20-20 rule. Every twenty minutes, stop looking at your screen. Stare at something 20 yards away and hold it for 20 seconds. Your eyes will thank you.

Dress like a grown up.

It's a bad habit to get into wandering down the stairs in your boxers and t-shirt, grabbing a cup of coffee and heading straight to the computer. You can shower later, right? Maybe next break...

Don't do it. Force yourself to get up and get ready for a regular work day, everyday. You're going to get distracted, you'll lose track of time and be in a panic when you suddenly have to get ready for a video call or to actually go somewhere. Plus, there's just something about dressing the part that makes you feel more professional and ready to tackle your work. Seriously, put your pants on.

Here are some great office setups that have both functionality and personality!

Keep Things Comfortable!

Now, you don't want to be napping on the job, but nothing impedes productivity like discomfort. Think about how much time you waste in the day rubbing your strained eyes, adjusting your neck because it hurts, or getting out of your chair because it's unbearably hard. Give your buns a break! Invest in a high quality, supportive office chair for your desk. Set up a small fan or heater if you tend to run a little hot or cold. If you're like me and enjoy being cozy 24/7, keep a blanket with you!

If you like to move around during your work day, you can also invest in a small couch or lounge chair for your office! This gives you the opportunity to change seats every so often. The Eames Lounge Chair is a great option for those ready to invest in their office. The furniture is designed by the Eames husband and wife duo. Their products are timeless, durable, and unique. Moreover, each piece is handmade so you know it's highest quality.

When designing your ideal home office keep one thing in mind: the office is for you. Set it up in a way that you will feel comfortable, happy, and productive. Go as colorful or as minimal as you please. You are the host creating a space for your most important client: yourself!

Happy designing! Catch you next time in the Concrete Jungle.

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