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Men's Casual-cool Capsule Wardrobe

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Men's Casual-cool Capsule Wardrobe

Getting ready in the dark trying not to wake your partner is hard enough. You definitely don’t need extra clutter in your closet, clothes that don’t fit, and shirts missing buttons. It’s time to simplify your wardrobe and your life! We are going to show you the basic items you will need to build a capsule wardrobe, as well as tips on getting started.

Here are the items that we have found to be essential:

1 suit | 1 winter coat | 1 lightweight casual jacket (such as a jean jacket) | 1 lightweight classy jacket (such as a bomber jacket) | 4 summer weight sweaters |  1 zip-up casual hoodie (for layering) | 7 dress shirts | 10 casual shirts | 5 pairs of pants | 4 shorts | 2 pairs of dress shoes | 2 pairs of casual shoes

Note: Ties, scarves, gloves, hats, and other accessories do not count in this capsule wardrobe, so you can alter the appearance of your repeated outfit a great deal with one of these little added items!


Our favorite capsule wardrobe items

You’ll want to grab a few of these Worn-In Pocket T’s. They are cool, casual, and layer well under anything: 

The Denim Jacket looks good with anything. We prefer dark denim, so there isn’t too much of a medium jean tone clash (we don’t want flashbacks of the Justin and Britney denim days):


The Bomber Jacket in a dark tone looks casual enough for a chill evening out, but you’ll still look good if you run into a client on the street:

Need a warm and affordable winter coat for the wardrobe? We love this porter jacket in green. The plaid lining makes you look stylish when it’s on or off: 

These fit and flattering Slim Dark Wash Denim jeans will be your go-to’s: 

Tips for creating your own capsule wardrobe

1. Turn your hangers around

Start by turning all of your hangers in your closet backwards. After a few months go by, see which items you wore (the hanger will be reversed) and which items you haven’t. The ones you wore should definitely be used for your capsule wardrobe, since you already know they fit and you love them.

2. Set Limits  

Limit the number of hangers your allow yourself to have to your number of capsule items. When you buy a new dress shirt, that means an old dress shirt must go. This way, your closet doesn’t fill up again over time with items you don’t need, and you are more thoughtful in your purchases. Ask yourself, “Is this worth the hanger space?”

3. Label, if you like

You can alter the capsule plan to fit your needs, but decide to stick with it. For you ultra organized folks, you may even label your hangers based on the items you want to stick with.

4. Choose a color scheme

Take a look at your current wardrobe. If you already lean toward wearing neutrals, make that the plan for your capsule wardrobe. Creating a capsule wardrobe isn’t the time to get brave and purchase a neon shirt you have never rocked in your life. Those items will just sit in your closet and you’ll have to begin again. Sticking with your favorite color scheme will also ensure that your capsule clothing will match with very minimal effort.

5. Recycle it

Did you flip your hangers and realize you own a lot of clothing you don’t wear anymore? If you have a hard time parting with them, consider putting them out of site for a while to see if you miss them. If you find that it’s time for them to go, take them to a donation center.

6. Trash it

Let’s end with one final and important tip. No matter what, dump your current underwear selection and start over, trust us. I know you think it’s fine, but it’s most likely not. It’s time to go shopping.

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