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Wholesale is finally here!

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Wholesale is finally here!

This past fall, we celebrated our 5th year in business. Since its launch, Jeremy's vision for Leather & Cotton was driven by lofty ideas and aspirations that he was determined to make a reality. One of these dreams was establishing Leather & Cotton's wholesale program. Initially a small online store with 40 products, Leather & Cotton now offers over 200 products, has a committed team of employees to serve our customers, and reached a sales goal 120 times greater than our first year in business. With this upward trajectory, it seems only fitting to close out 2018 with the launch of Leather & Cotton's wholesale program.

We Are Beginning Small & Simple With Our Top 5 Best Sellers.

The Ellis Peak Short Trench Camel | The Ton Up Jack Brown | The Ton Up Jack Toast | The Montreal Puffer Coat Gray | The Wilson Mandarin Short Trench Gray

Keep following our wholesale blog series for highlights of these products!

    Why Wholesale with Leather & Cotton?

    When Jeremy and I, Melody, began discussing the launch of the wholesale program, he clearly stated that it must be centered around providing resources, networks, and back end service needs to our accounts, particularly small brick and mortar retail stores. One of the mantras of Leather & Cotton is transparency in business practices, which naturally became my focus as I began to build what this program will look like for our wholesale partners. Our wholesale program exists to benefit our partners first, and that is only possible through continuing this transparency in each wholesale partnership that we have. 

    So what does Leather & Cotton's wholesale program entail? In short, the program includes access to free samples, free shipping, regular support meetings, monthly marketing resources, and of course, the wholesale discount. We are offering a 3 month trial for new accounts, with no minimum purchase quantity, so that our partners can ensure that we are the right fit before establishing a long term relationship with us.

    How Do I Get Started As A Wholesale Account?

    1. Set up a preliminary phone call with me!






    You can schedule your call on our wholesale page or by emailing me at Before we talk, I will send you our wholesale on-boarding document detailing our product line, benefits, pricing, ordering, and contract.

    2. Build your customer Leather & Cotton account.


    Head to our website and make an account with us! All product orders are placed, tracked, and fulfilled through this account.

    3. Join us for your 3 month trial!


    Once you decide to become a wholesale account, we will send you a final contract, customized to your needs. After receiving your contract, we will send you a tutorial on ordering and will invite you to join Asana, our task management system. 

    4. Place your first order.

    During your trial, we will provide you with the same resources you will receive after the trial is complete, so that you can get an accurate understanding of our program. After month three, we will check in to see if you'd like to continue, and add any adjustments to your agreement.

    Thanks For Reading This Very Businessy Blog Post.

    We hope you are just as excited as we are about this new chapter for Leather & Cotton. Hopefully, you'll be seeing us in stores throughout the US by the end of 2019!







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