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You've Gotta Be Tripping This Fall

Posted on October 08 2018


We are a company made of manly men. Well, a handful of manly man and 3 womanly women (because equality heck yeah!!), but one thing we all agree on is how cool motorcycles are. If you’ve ever been on a motorcycle you know its a ride like no other. Feeling the wind in your face, being completely surrounded by the outside world. It’s freeing with a little bit of risk. It’s probably one of the best escapes from the humdrum of everyday life, plus it’s much safer for your liver than alcohol.


For those of us in the northern parts of the world our days to ride are becoming more and more limited as the shadow of winter looms. Yeah I know there are those people that will ride even in the winter, but for those of us that are sane and value keeping our toes safe from frostbite, we have to hangup our helmet and gloves until spring.


Before you park your bike for the winter consider checking out some of these trips to make the most of the time you have left!

 1. Tunnel of Trees - Michigan

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Of course I had to put a Michigan trail on the list. Our home base is located in the nations autumn golden coast. Once the leaves reach peak color the entire state looks like it’s on fire. You’re surrounded by beautiful yellows, reds, oranges, even purples. Ranked among the most scenic roads in the Midwest, the Tunnel of Trees, part of the M-119, is a winding road under a canopy of large, leafy trees. In autumn, the trees burst into incredible fall colors, creating a truly breathtaking view. Starting in Harbor Springs, the M-119 becomes the Tunnel of Trees, running 20 miles along a spectacular bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, with especially sharp twists at Devil’s Elbow and Horseshoe Curve. Along the way, you will be treated to unique shops, food, and learn some interesting history


2. Beartooth Highway- Montana & Wyoming

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Icy peaks, surrounded by trees, lakes, waterfalls, and expansive forests all come together to bring a spectacular 68 mile ride to life through Southwest Montana and Northwest Wyoming. The trail begins at Yellowstone National Park, and runs east to Red Lodge, Montana, taking you through the northern Rockies, twisting and turning up to 10,974 feet. It’s exciting and beautiful at the same time. You’ll definitely want to take lots of pictures on this trip


3. Tail of the Dragon- North Carolina &Tennessee

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Tail of the Dragon is rated The number one trail for motorcycles in America. How do you feel about twists and turns? If you own a motorcycle it’s probably safe to say you love the twists and turns. Well you’re in luck! Although this trail is only 20 miles long, it’ll take you through the Great Smokey Mountains, all while giving you the thrill of a life time. This trail is great year round, but fall if by far the best time to go. The weather has finally cooled down from the insufferable southern humidity, and the trees are starting to change color. If you’re lucky enough to go in the morning you’ll even see the fog over the mountains that give them the name Smokey.


4. The Three Sisters (aka The Twisted Sisters), Texas

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If you are hesitant to visit Texas because you think it’s big and boring with a landscape akin to the Road Runner cartoons, you’re not alone. However, this 131 mile trail will be sure to change your mind. In this trip you’ll ride right up to clear blue rivers, twist along mountain like curves, and pass right by the most interesting ranches in the country. There are plenty of opportunities to stop and fish for large variety of delicious bass, or to stop and tryout some of Texas’s famous BBQ. This trail is another one that is perfect for later fall, the weather is still warm without being overbearing, leaving you with a picture perfect ride.


Before you pick a trail and head out make sure you have the right gear to keep you safe. 

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