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We are a work in progress.

A patchy beard;

a piece of something bigger.

We like 4 am apple pie and city streets.

We don't have all the answers,

not even most.

We believe a cheap bottle of tequila

has the power to spark a lifelong friendship.

We live in apartments,

but we're alive in the jungle.

We believe the gray area has more to offer than black and white.

We like our heads in the clouds

and our hands at the grindstone.

We believe in people

and that every life is drenched in potential.

We admire those who are quick to laugh at themselves

and slow to burn others.

Our veins are made of black coffee,

and our feet are worn leather boots.

We aren't interested in "Fast Fashion"

and believe a wardrobe can be timeless.

We believe that clothing should be carefully chosen

and then completely forgotten about.

We believe in living wild and dressing well.