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Brand Ambassador


Become a brand ambassador.

As a Leather & Cotton Brand Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to promote and represent our brand across various social media platforms. This exclusive program is designed for those who are committed customers that align with our vision and strongly believe in us.

Fashion Forward

The brand ambassadors we choose to partner with align with our bold fashion clothing mentality. We aren't interested in "fast fashion," and believe that clothing should be carefully chosen. It is of upmost importance that our brand ambassadors embody these values in the way that they dress and present themselves.


Our hope is to make each ambassador's experience a positive one. We believe that this is only possible through a committed, on-going relationship between Leather & Cotton and our ambassadors. We love partnering with great communicators who provide the expected deliverables in accordance with the designated timeline provided to them.

Social Media Expert

We are looking for social media experts, with a large following, who provide great value to the brands that they partner with. Our ideal ambassador has aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully curated content. The ambassador has followers that love to engage with his or her posts, stories, and highlights.

We are choosing brand ambassadors for 2019!

10 new ambassadors are chosen each month. To be picked for February, fill out our inquiry form before January 30.

All inquiries after the 30th will be considered for the subsequent month.
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