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Notice: As of 1/31/2019 we will no longer be shipping internationally.
Packages are generally dispatched within a few days.  Most packages will be delivered within 3-5 business days.  However, orders placed before
January 16, 2019 could take longer as some items may have been
shipped directly from the manufacturer in China.
If this is the case for your order, please allow
at least 4 weeks for shipping.  Shipping times 
will be longer for anyone outside the US and during holiday seasons.  
The items will be coming from the other side of the planet so please be patient.
Tracking numbers and other shipping information will be emailed to
you when they are available.  Because we collaborate with multiple
wholesalers, if you order more than one item, you may
receive the items at different times.  Do not be alarmed if one
item shows up and the other has not yet been delivered.

Bags are amply sized and your items are well protected.